Know before they knock With arlo Security Camera's.

Life over the course of time has highly changed due to which we are facing issues at managing the security of the places we love and care. So, as a layman what holds as important? Our home, workspace, garage space and the outdoor expanse, right?

And, no person holds the capacity of being at all these places at once. A question which arises here is that how do you know that your family, pet, important data systems at work and precious vehicles are safe. You don’t, correct? Now, if you have a confused face on, then we understand. This is exactly where Arlo Security Camera has got your back. Basically, this single device has gained so much popularity due to its incredible features which provides you with high quality security for the places which matter to you, and that too at all times.

What makes Arlo Security HD Camera’s better than its Other Competitors?

You would have certainly noticed that there are a plenty of security based cameras across the market, but have you ever wondered why Arlo is all you hear about?

Well, Arlo Cameras have their reputation intact because of their unique quality and ultra-hi-tech modern designing. The cameras are designed and marketed as such that these are bound to make any other cameras look dull infront of their integral. The key features are a complete win-win.

In this page, you can expect the A-Z details about Arlo Camera and also will we throw some upon its features, maintenance, and reliability. You will also get an insight on the types of Netgear Arlo Cameras which you can use for different purposes around the places which matter the most to you.

Outstanding Features in an Arlo Security HD Camera

 Apart from simple setup, installation and maintenance there are even other features which makes Arlo still stand at the top of the security camera game. Now, let’s take a look at some of the features-

  1. Automatic Night Vision – The camera is designed to easily catch any suspicious activities which happens within the range. After the detection the Arlo Security HD Camera will send you an alert. And, don’t worry if it’s dark, the camera will still function perfectly and notify you.
  2. Weather Resistance – Now, we cannot always expect the weather to be perfect, right? But Arlo takes care of it. Its design is such that the camera can even face the harshest of weathers.
  3. Motion Sensors– If there are any motion based unknown activities then the camera will detect it and then get you notified at the earliest.
  4. 360 Degree View – Actions aren’t required to be performed in a particular angle, and that’s why Arlo Cameras are always prepared from each and every angle, so that no a single nook is missed.

Some of the other features of the camera includes –

  1. Enough Backup Storage
  2. Unfamiliar People Detection
  3. Batteries which can be easily recharged
  4. Flexible Power Option
  5. Super-fast alerts and notifications on your registered mobile number
  6. Patented Package Detection
  7. Two-way audio system
  8. High quality HD videos at 720 p recordings

Arlo App– You also can install the Arlo Easy App, which will help you manage the security of your house and workspace even when you are not nearby. The Arlo app even helps you check on small kids and pets at all times.

We hope that you now have all the information related to Arlo Cameras.

What are the most common Features which an Arlo Camera user faces?

We will be providing you with a list of problems which now a days users often face while using an Arlo Camera.

  1. Arlo Camera Log in issue
  2. Issue with motion sensitivity
  3. Technical glitches with Arlo’s Battery life
  4. Arlo Camera Setup and configuration errors
  5. Trouble with Arlo camera activation and deactivation
  6. Firmware manual update issue
  7. Storage issues

If currently you are facing any of the above mentioned problems then we suggest you to grab professional help to resolve the issues of your Arlo Camera. You can also follow our blogs and get manual instructions for quick fixes.

What are the Types of Arlo Cameras available in the Market?

These security cameras can literally be used for so many different purposes. And, if you are still in the lookout for your favourite Arlo Camera, then let’s just take a look at the options available for us.

Arlo Pro

This can be called as the updated version of the original Arlo Camera. Usually, this wireless security camera comes with more advanced features which includes-

– A 2-way communication through the camera

– Motion Sensors which are Wide-angled PIR and advanced

– Smart home siren which unbelievably can release up to 100 + dB sound.

– USB Slot for local backup

Arlo Pro 2

The Arlo Pro 2 is actually the latest camera released under this series. A security camera which comes with better features than its predecessor.

– 1080p HD recordings

– Activity Zone System alert

– Incredible 3-second look back feature which is able to capture about 3 seconds of the footage even before the camera has been triggered.

– 24/7 CVR system that can be used for non-stop footage recording and that too on a cloud server.

Arlo Go –

Here are some of the interesting features of the Arlo Go camera.

– The Arlo Go is known to run on LTE service

–  Cloud storage service

– Wireless system for better handling

– Motion Detector

– High quality night vision cameras

With this camera you will never have to worry even if you are not at home currently.

Arlo Baby –

Our kids are obviously a huge part of our lives and we at no cost want their safety to be hindered. Considering this in mind, Arlo has designed this unique device for users with babies, toddlers and even teenagers.

– High-definition recording

–  You get the feature for playing lullabies to your kid

– Record and then play your own voice remotely

– Smart Night Lights

– Monitor the temperature with cool air sensors

– Baby Cry Alerts

Also, these cameras do come in super unique designs for a much cuter and appealing look.

Arlo Q –

If you didn’t know about these series then take a look at the features below-

– Extremely easy Camera setup

– 1080p good quality HD recording capacity

– Interaction through 2 way audio

– You also get free cloud storage

-The device is also compatible with Google Assistant, IFTTT, Stringify and even Alexa.

Arlo Q Plus –

As far by the name, you must already know that the Arlo Q plus is just an upgraded version of the Arlo Q camera. This camera comes with all the features of the Arlo Q but has an added feature – Ethernet Port which connects the camera directly to the internet. For the process to complete you just need an Ethernet Cable.

And, Arlo Security Light

Here are some of the unique features for this super interesting Arlo Camera-

– Inbuilt Motion Detection System

–  You can customize the lights according to your own preference and even schedule them to turn on or off.

– The device is super compatible with Amazon Alexa. This helps in turning the Arlo Camera on or off via voice commands only.

– Get 4000 lumens of brightness.

We hope that the list of Arlo Cameras has covered all that you wanted to know about their types and features.